Who is OfferNerd?
OfferNerd is professionally operated by Andrew Robb, a licensed agent of RE/MAX Fine Properties, who has been in real estate since 2010. The objective is to provide a simple platform for homeowners to explore multiple selling options, with never any obligation to sell. There is no cost to use OfferNerd’s offer request service and your contact information is not provided to any third party (such as buyers making the offers).

Is it free to request offers?
Yes. We are not trying to sell you anything and there is no catch.

What if I decide not to sell?
There is no obligation to sell. Not now, not ever. We want you to come back to OfferNerd to help you crunch the numbers any time you have thoughts of selling. We are on your side every step of the way, looking out only for your best interest.

What happens after I complete the form?
We will contact you on your desired date to set up a short appointment to take pictures of your home. There is no cost for this service and we do not try to sell you anything. If you already uploaded photos of your home, then we will include them when obtaining your offers. If we cannot automatically obtain details about your home from when it was previously sold, such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc, we may need to reach out to you for collecting this information. This can easily be done by email or phone and an appointment at your home will not be needed.

Do I have to include photos of my home?
No. However, because pictures help buyers make better offers on your home, we will offer to come to your home and take photos for you at no cost and with no obligation to sell.

Can I get multiple offers on my own?
Yes. Just like you can sell your home entirely on your own, you can contact multiple institutional buyers and ask for offers. However, using the OfferNerd platform allows you to tap into additional buyers you perhaps are not aware of and it sends a message to all buyers that they are being shopped, so their offers are likely to be more competitive than if you submit to them all individually. Plus with OfferNerd, buyers don’t get your contact information.

How long will it take to get offers?
Once we have photos of your home (which you can provide to us or we can take for you at no cost) and details about your home (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc) we typically get offers within 48 hours. Next we put all offers together for you in an easy to understand side-by-side comparison. Then we will review everything together with you, helping you understand the details of each offer and assisting you in determining if one of them makes sense for you.

Does OfferNerd buy homes? No. We are an aggregator of offers from multiple institutional investors, meaning we obtain the written offers on your behalf, then compile them for you to review and analyze.

Will I get lowball offers?
No. We work hard to make sure your home is accurately represented to buyers making the offers. As a result, the offers received are reflective of the current market conditions. We will also include a realistic estimate of what your home would likely sell for on the open market and provide your expected net proceeds from such a sale. Remember, you never have to accept any offer.

If I accept an offer, are there costs?
Yes. Just as with any home sale, there are costs associated with completing the transaction. We will review all of this with you in a very transparent comparison so you can see which offer looks best to you.

How does OfferNerd make money? Several of the institutions pay us a referral fee (which does not affect your bottom line) for representing you in helping them acquire off-market (not listed on MLS) properties. Think of it exactly like buying new home construction: you have the option of having an agent represent your interests in dealing with the homebuilder and the homebuilder pays the agent a commission, which does not increase your costs. The homebuilder has this cost built-in to their pricing already, so even if you do it all by yourself, they simply keep the money they had already earmarked to cover your representation.

Still have a question?
OfferNerd welcomes your questions, please contact us for personalized answers: offer @ offernerd.com