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    Why use OfferNerd?

    We have a deep understanding of today’s rapidly changing real estate market and knowledge of the many selling options available. Why settle for just one offer? We provide multiple solutions and expertise to assist you in making the best decision that suits your unique needs. Whether you are looking to save time (sell quickly with no showings), maximize value (get highest possible sales price) or enjoy convenience (choose your closing date and make no repairs), OfferNerd is the ideal platform to make sure you see all available options, with no obligation to sell.

    Let us handle the task of taking and uploading photos, providing detailed property description and protecting your contact info so your identity remains private to those making offers to buy your home. Submissions from OfferNerd let buyers know they are being compared, so they are likely to make more competitive offers. As real estate marketing experts, we know how to submit all relevant aspects of your house to generate accurate offers and avoids the frustration of offers being severely lowered after buyer performs physical inspection of your home.

    Real estate has changed: sell with certainty.

    You will receive multiple competitive offers and a realistic market valuation. We will help you review all options in a side-by-side comparison and see which works best for you. As an aggregator of numerous selling options, we empower you to decide.

    You’re always in control.

    We will analyze the various offers together and help you to decide what’s best for you.

     Serious Offers

    We will request multiple solid offers on your behalf. When buyers compete, you win. Sell your home without showings and close when it’s convenient for you. Seriously!

    Market Valuation

    To make sure you know all your options, we’ll also provide you with a “Go To Market” analysis to see how much your home would likely sell for on the market.

     Review Your Options

    We will compile details on all offers for your home, walk you through the details, answer all questions and help you identify the best offer for you – all at no cost. See worksheet.

     Client Experience

    Our goal is to empower you in the decision process and to deliver the highest level of service, no matter how you decide to sell your home. See our client reviews on Zillow.

     We’ve Got Your Back

    Whether you accept an instant offer or decide to sell your home on the market, you’re expertly represented at every step. Get ready to move freely, with no obligation.


    We understand you may need more information or have follow-up questions about the process and/or details. Read our frequently asked questions page to learn more.

    Which homes qualify for multiple competitive offers?

    •  Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Duplexes and Condos (must have exterior access).
    •  Pre-fabricated/manufactured/mobile homes do not qualify.
    •  Built after 1950 anywhere in Maricopa County, Arizona.
    •  Located in gated or non-gated communities, on a maximum of a half acre of land and not in a flood zone.
    •  Valued at up to $500,000 or up to $300,000 if located in an age-restricted community.
    •  Owner occupied or vacant, not leased, at time of closing.
    •  Non-permitted additions, foundation issues, solar leases or polybutylene plumbing do not qualify.
    •  Clear title and not distressed (mortgage payoff less than property value).

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